Unfortunately, telehealth solutions tend to be expensive and complicated to use. As a result, most healthcare providers are unable to offer care for their patients through telehealth.

We set out to change that.

By making PetKlinic simple and affordable, no longer is cost or complexity a barrier to telehealth. Now any healthcare provider can provide care to their patients outside of the clinical setting.

PetKlinic for Consumers

  • A completely secure Telehealth (Video) App
  • A Digital Health App to monitor & manage their health & wellness
  • A Discover Engine to find Healthcare Providers & avail of services
  • Communications Platform for receiving notifications via SMS, EMAIL and Push Notifications. Available on Mobile, Web Browser and Tablets

How PetKlinic Works ?

1. Download

Get started now by downloading PetKlinic Mobile App or by creating an PetKlinic account online.

2. Select a doctor

Choose a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist from our virtual provider network.

3. Consult

Receive care anytime, anywhere whether you’re at home, at the office or on the go.